The guys who keep the Bliss OS fame alive!

Azeem Shaikh
Calin Neamtu
Eric Park
Jon West
Parag Pandya
Wes Goodrich


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Official Devices

Official devices, are all those devices which are officially maintained by Team Bliss. We carefully review each official device application in order to make sure that the device is in top shape to ship under the Official pelerine

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Unofficial Devices

Unofficial devices, are instead all those devices which are maintained by the community but not officially by us

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Official Devices

Nexus 5
Maintained by Calin Neamtu
Nexus 5X
Maintained by Eric Park
OnePlus One
Maintained by Parag Pandya
ZTE Warp Sync
Maintained by Wes Goodrich

Unofficial Devices

No Unofficial devices are currently maintained